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Wouldn’t it be nice to harness the power of the sun and use that power for good?
At Foreman-Sheean we have a team of solar specialists who are experienced in the sales, service and installation of solar panels and equipment.

Solar Panels Mildura - Electrical Mildura

Solar Grid Systems are a mechanism where power is generated by solar panels on your roof and is supplemented by mains power supply when necessary.

Power from the solar panels is fed through an inverter, which converts the solar power to 240v AC synchronized to the grid. This effectively makes the mains power supply meter run backwards when excess power is being produced, giving a credit against power drawn from the mains supply.

Foreman-Sheean offers:

System Design & Installation

Our highly efficient solar panels have a life in excess of 40 years and have the longest warranties available – Proudly Australian made

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