Industrial Case Study

Project: Electrical Installation, Almond Processing Plant, Olam Orchards, Mildura, Vic.

Project Overview:

A Greenfield site situated just south of Mildura at Carwarp was chosen to build a state of the art almond processing facility, to accommodate existing and projected capacities, which are produced on OLAM’s nearby farms. With provisions for intake, processing, packaging, storage, waste and freight required, it was a major project and one to which a company of our size and experience is well suited to.


Project Details:

Being a Greenfield installation, our work included installing mains cables from the HV supply transformer to the main switch room. From there, sub mains were installed to the production line control panels and other major distribution boards around the site. Power and lighting was installed throughout once the buildings were in place.

As the production line equipment was delivered and assembled, the motor cables to literally hundreds of motors were installed and terminated at the control panels. Large fan motors were connected for the dust extraction system, as well as motors for the waste hull auger system.


Project Outcome:

The production line electrical services were fully installed, tested and commissioned and production trials begun, prior to the harvest deadline. The site has now moved into full production.