Automation Case Study

Project: PLC Hardware Upgrade, PLC5 to ControlLogix, fruit processing line, Mildura Fruit Company, Mildura, Vic.

Project Overview:

After being approached by our customer, who was concerned about the age and reliability of their current production line PLC, we began consultation to provide them with a viable solution, taking into account their current and future automation needs. The brief was for a “latest technology” upgrade, at a reasonable price, and more importantly, with minimal disruption to production. We were able to meet the brief using our highly experienced & qualified team, and the use of Allen Bradley’s latest generation PLC hardware.


Project Details:

The system upgrade was a major step forward, not only in hardware but in software also. The ControlLogix hardware requires different development software, which our Systems Programmer used to replicate the control strategies of the previous PLC. We also moved from the existing serial communications network over to an Ethernet network to improve plant wide communication capabilities. This meant modifying the existing SCADA system to communicate with the new PLC over the new network.

The control panel that we designed and installed was able to be assembled and pre-tested in our workshop, on a new mounting pan which was then changed over with the existing pan. The changeover and termination was completed in a few days, leaving only the commissioning and testing to complete.


Project Outcome:

The production line controls were fully upgraded, commissioned and back in service in less than a week, with the latest technology in both plant control and communications.