Solar Renewable Energy Case Study

Project: Reticulation system for Solar Systems Pty, Mildura, Vic

Project Overview:

Foreman-Sheean were commissioned to install the underground reticulation system for Solar Systems Pty Ltd, 1.5megawatt demonstration facility located at Carwarp, 30km from Mildura.


Project Details:

This facility has 40 CPV ‘Dense Array’ Dish systems and is capable of generating enough electricity to power approximately 500 average sized homes. The 1.5 megawatt plant supplies electricity to the national grid with the help of the reticulation system that Foreman-Sheean installed to tough and ground breaking standards.


Project Outcome:

This reticulation system runs from the solar dished to the field combiner boxes, to the inverters, step up transformer into the main switchboard. It really is a fantastic demonstration of how renewable energy can power the world, given the chance.