47kW solar install for Mildura Rural City Council

Project Overview:

The Mildura Rural City Council, committed to achieving zero net emissions for its operations by 2050, embarked on a project to install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems at its various buildings and facilities. As part of their goal to power all-electric buildings with 100 percent renewable energy by 2030, the Council engaged Foreman-Sheean to install a solar PV system at the Mildura Landfill (Transfer Station). This case study highlights the challenges faced, the solution provided by Foreman-Sheean, and the resulting benefits.


The Challenges

The initial challenges for the project included sourcing funding and completing the project within a short timeframe. Foreman-Sheean’s services were engaged to overcome these challenges and install a solar PV system at the Mildura Landfill (Transfer Station). One unique challenge was the location of the solar system, which was more than 500 meters away from the electrical point of supply. Adhering to regulatory limits and optimising energy export to the grid posed a delicate balance.


Scope of Work / Solution

Foreman-Sheean provided a comprehensive solution to address the challenges faced. A 47kW solar PV system was installed, consisting of 94 Sunpower Performance monocrystalline solar panels, each with a capacity of 500W. To efficiently manage the system, a 50kW Sungrow inverter was incorporated. Funded by Sustainability Victoria’s Community Power Hubs Program and Mildura Rural City Council, the project was one of several community energy projects delivered throughout the Loddon Mallee region in partnership with the Bendigo Sustainability Group.


The Outcome

The installation of the 47kW solar PV system at the Mildura Landfill (Transfer Station) yielded significant outcomes. The system is expected to generate an estimated annual production of 73 MWh. Additionally, the solar system is projected to pay back its investment within 6.4 years, contributing to long-term financial savings for the Council.
In line with the project’s funding requirements, the Mildura Rural City Council is obligated to share 50 percent of the electricity bill savings resulting from the solar PV system with the Sunraysia Sustainability Network (SSN) for the first 10 years. The funding received by the SSN will be allocated to projects and activities aimed at driving sustainable behavior change within the Mildura Local Government Area (LGA).